1st January 1796
69th Foot arrived in San Domingo
3rd January 1937
Memorial unveiled at in memory of the soldiers of the 24th killed in action at Jhelum during the Mutiny in 1857
4th January 1950
1/SWB moved to Eritrea from Khartoum.
5th January 1762
69th Foot moved to Martinique from Barbados
8th January 1916
2/SWB was evacuated from Gallipoli after enduring 258 days on the peninsular. Losses amounted to 1,614 men during that short period
9th January 1911
2/RWF arrived back in India from Burma
10th January 1914
1/RWF embarked at Southampton for Malta
11th January 1993
1/RRW moved to Clive Barracks, Tern Hill, Shropshire from Hong Kong
12th January 1900
2/SWB embarked at Southampton aboard SS Bavarian for Cape Town to take part in the Anglo-Boer War
13th January 1849
Anniversary of the battle of Chillianwallah during the 2nd Sikh war. Out of 1,116 men, the 24th Foot had 525 casualties
14th January 1782
69th Foot moved to Antigua from Barbados
15th January 1953
1/SWB moved to Brunswick, Germany from Sennybridge
16th January 1809
2/23rd Foot involved in the battle of Corunna, Spain
18th January 1915
1/WELCH disembarked at Le Havre, France to reinforce the British Expeditionary Force
20th January 1827
23rd Foot landed at Lisbon from Gibraltar
21st January 1813
Anniversary of the battle of Frenchtown on the River Raisin, Michigan Territory, involving 41st Foot
22nd January 1879
Queen's Colour 1/24th Foot saved by Lieutenants Melvill and Coghill after the disaster at Isandlwana. A Regimental Anniversary
23rd January 1879
Immortal defence of Rorke's Drift. The 24th Foot are awarded 7 out of 11 Victoria Crosses
24th January 1858
69th Foot embarked for Rangoon, Burma
25th January 1915
2/WELCH involved in the action at Givenchy
26th January 1958
1/RWF arrived Lichfield from Berlin
27th January 1920
Official approval granted to spell the title of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers and Welsh Regiment 'WELCH'
28th January 1747
23rd Foot landed in the Netherlands
3rd February 1900
2/SWB disembarked at Cape Town to take part in the Anglo-Boer War
4th February 1879
Queen's Colour 1/24th Foot recovered from the Buffalo River after Isandlwana
5th February 1823
69th Foot moved to Wallajabad
6th February 1913
1/WELSH moved to Khartoum from Cairo
7th February 1794
69th Foot disembarked at Mortella Point, Corsica
8th February 1698
23rd Foot embarked for Ireland
9th February 1826
Action at Pagan in Burma involving 41st Foot
10th February 1969
1/WELCH engaged on Public Duties in London
11th February 1832
41st Foot moved to Moulmein, Burma with detachments at Mergue and Tavoy
12th February 1702
John Churchill, later Duke of Marlborough, appointed the 6th Colonel of the 24th Foot
14th February 1797
The 69th Foot served as Marines when the Spanish fleet was defeated off Cape St. Vincent. A second Naval Battle Honour gained for the Regiment
15th February 1914
1/WELSH moved to Karachi from Khartoum
16th February 1816
41st Foot embarked for Ireland
17th February 1914
2 RWF sailed from Karachi for England
18th February 1900
Anniversary of the battle of Paardeberg involving 1/WELCH and Mounted Infantry Companies of WELCH and SWB during the Anglo-Boer War
20th February 2004
HRH The Prince of Wales, as Colonel-in-Chief, visits 1/RRW in Basra, Iraq
21st February 1849
Anniversary of the battle of Goojerat during the 2nd Sikh war involving the 24th Foot
22nd February 1937
1/SWB proceeded to Waziristan in connection with disturbances on the frontier
25th February 1831
41st Foot given the title the 'Welsh' Regiment
27th February 1814
Anniversary of battle for Orthes, the first major action on French soil at the end of the long Peninsular campaign. The 1/23rd Foot and 2/24th Foot were in the thick of the action
28th February 1900
1/RWF at the Relief of Ladysmith
1st March 2006
* St. David's Day. Leeks issued to all ranks of the Regiment.
2nd March 1822
41st Foot embarked for Fort George, Madras from Gravesend. Arrived 6 July. Subsequently involved in the Burmese (Ava) War until 6 March 1824
4th March 1914
Memorial to the 24th Regiment on the Isandlwana battlefield unveiled by General Sir Reginald Hart VC
5th March 1927
1/WELCH embarked at Karachi aboard HMT City of Marselles for Aden
6th March 1989
RWF Tercentenary history, That Astonishing Infantry, was published
8th March 1689
Henry, 4th Lord Herbert of Chirbury and Sir Edward Dering, Baronet, of Surrenden in Kent were each commissioned to raise a Regiment of Foot in the service of King William III. These regiments later became the 23rd and 24th Regiments of Foot
9th March 1972
1/RWF arrived Ebrington Barracks, Londonderry
10th March 1842
Anniversary of the battle of Kandahar involving the 41st Foot
11th March 1719
Colonel Edmund Fielding given a commission to raise a Regiment from the Invalids at the Royal Hospital Chelsea, later to become the 41st Foot
12th March 1987
HRH The Prince of Wales, as Colonel in Chief, visited 1/RRW at Lemgo
13th March 1900
1/WELCH entered Bloemfontein during the Anglo-Boer War
14th March 1893
The Regimental Journal of the Welsh Regiment 'The Men of Harlech' first published
15th March 1781
23rd Foot involved in the action at Guilford Court House
16th March 1689
The first muster of the 23rd Foot at Ludlow, Shropshire
19th March 1796
23rd Foot sailed from Port au Prince.
20th March 1948
2/RWF arrived Liverpool from Singapore
21st March 1825
Presentation of new Colours to 1/24th at Devonport
22nd March 1950
1/RWF moved from Berlin to Spey Barracks, Buxtehude, Hamburg
23rd March 1794
23rd Foot and 41st Foot involved in the surrender of Martinique
24th March 1887
1 RWF returned to India
25th March 1936
2 WELCH moved to Akbar Barracks, Agra from Landi Kotal
27th March 1944
6/SWB captured the Mayu Tunnels in Burma during WW2
28th March 1689
First muster of Dering's Regiment later to become 24th Regiment of Foot
29th March 1759
69th Foot took part in Belle Isle expedition, landed 8 April, returned to England 25 May. First Battle Honour for 69th
30th March 1916
Sergeant Ford 17/RWF awarded an Albert Medal at Gorre, France (later converted to a George Cross)
31st March 1960
Regimental Depots for recruit training closed at Wrexham (RWF), Brecon (SWB) and Cardiff (WELCH)
1st April 1934
Colours of the 1/24th Foot carried during the Zulu War finally laid up in Brecon Cathedral after 67 years service
2nd April 1945
Corporal Ted Chapman, 3rd Monmouths, awarded a Victoria Cross at Teutoburger Wald
3rd April 1952
2 RWF re-formed at Tidworth
4th April 1800
Thomas Brisbane appointed Commanding Officer of 69th Foot. Later gives his name to famous Australian city
5th April 1916
Captain Angus Buchanan MC 4/SWB won a Victoria Cross in Mesopotamia
6th April 1812
1/23rd Foot involved in the capture of Badajoz, Spain
7th April 1967
1/RWF moved from Minden to Heathfield Camp, Honiton
8th April 1761
69th Foot landed at Belle Isle
9th April 1916
Private James Finn 4/SWB and Captain Edgar Myles DSO WELCH each awarded a Victoria Cross in Mesopotamia
10th April 1814
1/23rd Foot at battle of Toulouse, France
11th April 1917
4/SWB entered Baghdad
12th April 1782
The 69th Foot served as marines with the British fleet. French were defeat in the West Indies known as the battle of the Saints. A first Naval Battle Honour for the Regiment
13th April 2000
1/RWF won Army rugby cup
15th April 1854
41st Foot landed at Scurtari at the start of the Crimea campaign
16th April 1932
1/RWF and 2/RWF met at Gibraltar
17th April 1944
WELCH received the freedom of the City of Cardiff
18th April 1993
RRW granted freedom of the Borough of Neath
19th April 1775
23rd Foot involved in the action at Lexington
21st April 1940
2/SWB as part of the 24th (Guards) Brigade landed in Norway to take part in that short ill-fated WW2 expedition
22nd April 1990
RRW granted the freedom of the Borough of Cynon Valley
23rd April 1758
2/24th Foot renumbered as 69th Regiment of Foot
24th April 1966
1/RWF to Cyprus as part of UNFICYP until November
25th April 1915
2/SWB as part of 29th Division landed on Gallipoli peninsula. ANZAC day
26th April 1915
Lieutenant Colonel Doughty-Wylie RWF was awarded a Victoria Cross for his actions at Gallipoli
27th April 1756
23rd Foot and 24th Foot took part in the Siege of Fort St Philip, Minorca
28th April 1758
The 2/24th Foot renumbered as 69th Foot. 69th Foot in 1881 become 2/WELCH
29th April 1958
1/RWF sailed from Liverpool on HMT Devonshire for Cyprus. Arrived 11 May
30th April 1745
23rd Foot fought in the battle of Fontenoy
1st May 1883
Presentation of new Colours to 4 SWB (Militia) by the Earl of Powis at Welshpool
3rd May 1811
2/24th Foot involved in the battle of Fuentes d'Onor during the peninsular campaign in Spain
4th May 1978
HRH The Prince of Wales opened Welch Regiment Museum in Cardiff Castle
5th May 1813
41st Regiment involved in the action at Fort Meigs on the Maumee River, Ohio
6th May 1951
1/RWF detachment to Grenada on Internal Security (IS) duties to end of year
7th May 1867
Five Victoria Crosses awarded to the rescue party of 1/24th Foot off Little Andaman Islands
8th May 1915
Anniversary of 2nd Battle of Ypres. The three battalions of Monmouths received over 900 casualties that day
9th May 1963
1/RWF moved from Bulford to Aldershot Barracks, Iserlohn, BAOR
10th May 1963
Welch Brigade Depot at Cwrt-y-Gollen opened by HM The Queen
12th May 1706
23rd Foot and 24th Foot fought in the battle of Ramillies
13th May 1819
69th Foot involved in assault on Copaul Droog during Mahratta war
14th May 1879
Re-constituted 1/24th Foot left Dundee, Natal for second invasion of Zululand
15th May 1999
3 (V) RWF final ceremonial parade, Wrexham
16th May 1811
1/23rd Foot fought in the battle of Albuhera, Spain
19th May 1917
Sgt Albert White 2/SWB awarded a posthumous Victoria Cross at Monchy-le-Preux, near Arras, France
20th May 1904
2/SWB embarked at Cape Town for Southampton
21st May 1920
2/WELCH moved to Richmond Barracks, Dublin
22nd May 1996
1/RWF Colours presentation by HM the Queen at Chepstow
23rd May 1706
Anniversary of the battle of Ramillies. The Duke of Marlborough won the day. The 24th Foot gained a Battle Honour
25th May 1922
The Havard Chapel in Brecon Cathedral is dedicated as the Regimental Chapel of the South Wales Borderers
26th May 1920
Pte John Williams VC, a Rorke's Drift defender, retired from service during the Great War
27th May 1870
69th Foot involved in the battle of Trout River, Canada in Fenian Raid
31st May 1794
Fort Bizothon, San Domingo captured by 41st Foot
1st June 1794
69th Foot took part with Royal Navy ships in ‘The Glorious First of June’
2nd June 1960
RWF Regimental Museum opened at Caernarfon Castle
3rd June 1794
41st Foot involved in the action and capture of Fort Bizeton, Port-au-Prince, Martinique
4th June 1794
23rd Foot involved in the capture of Port au Prince, Guadeloupe
5th June 1900
1/WELSH entered Pretoria
6th June 1944
2/SWB, part of 56th Independent Brigade, only Welsh unit to land with assault troops in France on D-Day.
7th June 1815
41st Foot returned from Canada, via Spithead (15 June), for Ostend (21 June) and Ghent, Belgium
10th June 1944
Welch Regiment received Honorary Freedom of the City of Cardiff
11th June 1969
HRH The Prince of Wales, Colonel-in-Chief, presented the first Colours to the newly formed The Royal Regiment of Wales at Cardiff Castle.
12th June 2002
1/RWF (1975–96) Colours laid up in St Peter’s Church, Carmarthen
13th June 1856
41st Foot left Crimea at the end of that ill fated campaign
14th June 1944
3rd Monmouths landed in Normandy as part of 11th Armoured Division
15th June 1946
Freedom of Wrexham conferred on the RWF
16th June 1815
2/69th took part in the battle of Quatre Bras
17th June 1775
23rd Foot fought in the battle of Bunker Hill
18th June 1815
2/69th Foot as part of General Sir Colin Halkett's brigade took part in the battle of Waterloo
19th June 1909
Presentation of first Colours to Territorial Force battalions 4/RWF, 5/RWF, 6/RWF, 7/RWF, Brecknockshire Bn SWB, 5/WELSH, 6/WELSH, 2nd Monmouths and 3rd Monmouths by HM King Edward VII at Windsor Great Park
20th June 1920
1/SWB embarked for Ireland and Dollymount Camp, Dublin
21st June 1813
Anniversary of the battle of Vittoria during the peninsular campaign in Spain involving the 1/23rd Foot and 2/24th Foot. Afterwards Wellington received his Field Marshal's baton.
22nd June 1900
2/RWF at relief of Tientsin, China
23rd June 1989
RRW Officers and Ladies Tercentenary Dinner at Connaught Rooms attended by HRH The Prince of Wales
24th June 1815
23rd Foot involved in the capture of Cambrai, France
25th June 1814
1/41st Foot involved in action at Lundy’s Lane, Upper Canada
26th June 1709
23rd Foot involved in the Siege of Tournai. Surrendered 23 August
27th June 2000
1/23rd Colours (1826­1849) removed from St Peter’s Church, Carmarthen for conservation in RWF Museum
29th June 2002
RRW granted Freedom of County Borough of Rhondda Cynon Taff at Pontypridd
1st July 1916
First day of the great Somme offensive on Western Front. 2/SWB suffered greatly at Beaumont Hamel. The SWB, Welch and Monmouths in all contributed 18 battalions to the offensive
3rd July 1915
The Brecknock Battalion – the territorial battalion of the South Wales Borderers warded off attacks from Turkish forces at Aden during the Great War.
4th July 1815
23rd Foot arrived in Paris as part of the army of occupation
6th July 1802
The 23rd and 24th Regiments awarded the Battle Honour of a Sphinx superscribed 'Egypt' for helping to defeat Napoleon's Army in Egypt in 1801.
7th July 1916
Attack on east edge of Mametz Wood by 38th (Welsh) Division
8th July 1969
1/RRW given the freedom of County Borough of Newport
9th July 1916
Capture of Mametz Wood completed by 38th (Welsh) Division
10th July 1969
1/RRW given the freedom of Borough of Carmarthen
11th July 1708
Anniversary of the battle of Ondenarde. The Duke of Marlborough won the day. The 23rd Foot and 24th Foot gained a Battle Honour
12th July 1904
1/WELSH embarked from South Africa for Gravesend
13th July 1691
Lieutenant-Colonel Toby Purcell promoted to the Colonelcy of 23rd Foot
14th July 1964
1/RWF to St George’s Barracks, Minden from Iserlohn
15th July 1989
RRW Freedom march at Newport
16th July 1946
1/RWF arrived Gevelsberg, Ruhr, BAOR having absorbed men of 4/RWF and 6/RWF
17th July 1998
4/RWF, 6/RWF and 7/RWF Normandy Memorial dedication at Evrecy
19th July 1924
Welch Regiment memorial in Llandaff Cathedral unveiled by Field Marshal The Lord Pulmer
20th July 1916
Corporal Hill and Private Davies of 10/RWF awarded Victoria Crosses for their actions at Delville Wood, France
21st July 1856
23rd Foot landed in England from the Crimea
22nd July 1812
Anniversary of the battle of Salamanca during the peninsular campaign in Spain involving the 1/23rd Foot and 2/24th Foot
23rd July 1954
HM The Queen presented new Colours to 1/RWF, 2/RWF and 4/RWF at Wroughton, Swindon
24th July 1998
HRH The Prince of Wales visited 2/RRW at Maindy Barracks, Cardiff
25th July 1958
The final stand of Colours presented to the South Wales Borderers at Ebbw Vale
26th July 1998
Korean War Memorial to 1/WELCH unveiled in Llandaff Cathedral
27th July 1809
Anniversary of battle of Talavera. The 2/24th stood firm, despite 50% casualties, allowing the Foot Guards' Brigade to reform and Wellington wins the day
28th July 1880
At Osborne House, Queen Victoria attached to her Colour a Wreath of Immortelles – dried flowers – in memory of those who fell at Isandlwana and Rorke's Drift
29th July 1989
Tercentenary Parade of the Raising of the 24th Regiment held in Cardiff Castle
30th July 1910
Presentation of first Colours to 4/WELSH at Aberystwyth
31st July 1917
Assault of Pilckem Ridge by 38th (Welsh) Division. Corporal J Davies 13/RWF and Sergeant Ivor Rees 11/SWB each awarded a Victoria Cross
1st August 1759
23rd Foot took part in the battle of Minden
2nd August 1704
23rd Foot and 24th Foot fought in the battle of Blenheim
3rd August 1982
1/RWF from Lemgo to Battlesbury Barracks, Warminster and Netheravon as Infantry Demonstration Battalion
4th August 1914
Declaration of the First World War
5th August 1865
1/24th Foot moved to Beggers Bush, Dublin from the Curragh
6th August 1960
Presentation of Colours by HM The Queen at Bute Park, Cardiff to 4/WELCH, 4/WELCH and 6/WELCH
7th August 1915
53rd (Welsh) Division landed at Suvla Bay on the Gallipoli peninsula included territorial battalions of RWF and WELSH
8th August 1866
1/24th Foot moved to Belfast and Londonderry from the Curragh
10th August 1880
2/24th Foot embarked at Gibraltar aboard HMT Orontes for Secunderabad, India
11th August 1954
2/RWF sailed from Southampton for Korea on HMT Empire Fowey
12th August 1914
2/WELCH landed at Le Havre, France with British Expeditionary Force as part of 3rd Brigade, 1st Division.
13th August 1704
The 23rd Foot and 24th Foot involved the attack at Blenheim held by 27 French Battalions. Duke of Marlborough wins the day.
14th August 1900
2/RWF at relief of Peking
15th August 1914
1/SWB landed at Le Havre, France with British Expeditionary Force as part of 3rd Brigade, 1st Division.
16th August 1812
Capture of Fort Detroit by the 41st Foot.
17th August 1937
2/RWF arrived in Shanghai during the Sino-Japanese war
19th August 1919
1/WELSH embarked at Liverpool for India
21st August 1915
2/SWB lost 300 men, a third of their strength, during the disastrous attack on Scimitar Hill on Gallipoli peninsular
22nd August 1713
23rd Foot landed in Ireland from Holland
23rd August 1803
41st Foot returned to Quebec
24th August 1914
Retreat from Mons commenced involving 2/RWF, 1/SWB and 2/WELCH.
25th August 1703
23rd Foot participated in capture of Huy
26th August 1918
Lance Corporal Weale 14/RWF awarded a Victoria Cross for his actions at Bazentin-le-Grand, France
27th August 1799
23rd Foot and 69th Foot involved in expedition to Den Helder
28th August 1815
41st Foot moved from Belgium to Paris as part of the army of occupation
29th August 2000
1/RWF moved from Ballykelly to Clive Barracks, Tern Hill, Shropshire
30th August 1689
23rd Foot arrived in Ireland
31st August 1709
23rd Foot and 24th Foot fought in the Battle of Malplaquet
2nd September 1801
Surrender of Alexandria. 23rd Foot and 24th Foot later awarded the Honour ‘Sphinx superscribed Egypt’
3rd September 1939
Declaration of the Second World War.
4th September 1899
2/SWB moved to Dublin from Pembroke Dock
5th September 1842
41st Foot involve in the capture of Ghuzhee
6th September 1964
1/24th Foot Colours (1812-1825) laid up in Brecon Cathedral
7th September 1736
23rd Foot present at the Porteous Riots in Edinburgh
8th September 1855
1/23rd Foot involved in second assault on the Redan in the Crimea. Corporal Shields awarded a Victoria Cross
9th September 1855
41st Foot at the fall of Sebastopol during the Crimea campaign
10th September 1967
Memorial gates unveiled at SWB Museum Brecon in memory of Colonel Trower and 5/SWB.
11th September 1709
Anniversary of the battle of Malplaquet. The Duke of Marlborough won the day. The 23rd Foot and 24th Foot gain a Battle Honour.
12th September 1914
1/RWF arrived at Southampton from Malta
13th September 1909
2/SWB moved to Chatham from Aldershot
14th September 1914
During the attack on the Chemin des Dames ridge, Captain Mark Haggard cried 'Stick it the Welch!' as he fell. Corporal William Fuller, 2/WELCH dragged his wounded Company Commander to safety winning the Victoria Cross.
15th September 2001
RWF Freedom of the Borough of Newport conferred on the Regiment
16th September 1872
2/23rd Foot arrived in Ireland from Portsmouth
17th September 1842
Anniversary of the battle for Cabul involving the 41st Foot
18th September 1918
Assault on Grand Couronné in Macedonia. Only 36 men of 7/SWB fit for duty after the attack. Battalion awarded French Croix de Guerre. Colonel Burges awarded the Victoria Cross.
19th September 1983
1/RRW to West Belfast, Northern Ireland
20th September 1854
Anniversary of the Alma, one of the initial actions of the Crimean campaign involving the 23rd Foot and 41st Foot. Sgt O’Connor and Capt Bell of 23rd awarded Victoria Crosses
21st September 1719
24th Foot involved in the Vigo expedition
22nd September 1956
The Welch Regiment Memorial Chapel in Llandaff Cathedral consecrated by Archbishop of Wales.
23rd September 1914
2/SWB landed at Laoshan Bay prior to the assault on the German held port of Tsingtao in China
24th September 1977
HRH The Prince of Wales presents Colours to 4 (V) RRW at Parc Howard, Llanelli
25th September 1915
6/SWB disembarked at Le Havre, France at part of 25th Division.
26th September 1883
1/SWB moved to Kilkenny, Ireland from Manchester
27th September 1810
2/24th Foot involved in Battle of Busaco during the peninsular campaign in Spain
28th September 1843
1/23rd Foot sailed for Barbados
29th September 1787
41st Foot ceased to be ‘invalids’
30th September 1978
HRH The Prince of Wales, as Colonel in Chief, visited 3/RRW at Annual Camp, Barry Buddon, Scotland
1st October 1993
3 (V) RRW and 4 (V) RRW merged to form 2 (V) RRW
3rd October 1848
24th Foot involved in 2nd Sikh war
4th October 2003
RRW granted the Freedom of the County of Powys
5th October 1813
1/41st Foot involved in action at Moravian Town, Upper Canada
6th October 1947
SWB and Monmouths exercised newly granted Freedom of the Borough of Brecon
7th October 1848
1/23rd Foot landed in England from Nova Scotia
8th October 1918
CSM Jack Williams DCM MM awarded Victoria Cross for conspicuous bravery during the 10/SWB attack on Villers Outreaux.
9th October 1951
1/WELCH embarked at Southampton for Korea as part of Commonwealth Division; included 5 officers and 100 men from RWF and 1 officer and 30 men from SWB
10th October 1874
2/23rd Foot embarked at Portsmouth for Gibraltar.
11th October 1842
41st Foot moved to Peshawer from Kabul.
12th October 1702
23rd Foot participated in capture of Liège
13th October 1812
Battle of Queenston Heights, Upper Canada involving 1/41st Foot.
14th October 1960
1/WELCH departed Benghazi, via Tobruk aboard HMT Dunera for Southampton.
15th October 1955
1/SWB deployed during Malayan emergency
16th October 1760
23rd Foot involved in the action at Kloster Kampen
17th October 1777
British General Johnny Burgoyne surrenders at Saratoga, New York State. Soldiers of the 24th Foot become prisoners of the Convention
18th October 1954
1/WELCH arrived at Southampton aboard HMT Asturias from Hong Kong.
19th October 1781
23rd Foot at the capitulation at Yorktown
20th October 2003
1/RRW deployed on Op Telic 3 in Basra, Iraq
21st October 1934
2/RWF sailed from Gibraltar for Hong Kong
22nd October 1854
Sergeant Ambrose Madden 41st Foot was awarded a Victoria Cross for his leadership and gallantry in capturing a party of Russians at 'Little' Inkerman
23rd October 1916
Corporal 'Stokey' Lewis, 11th 'Cardiff Pals' Battalion Welch Regiment, was awarded a Victoria Cross in Macedonia
24th October 1814
2/23rd Foot disbanded
25th October 1919
1/RWF sailed from Liverpool for India on HMT Northumberland
26th October 1973
HRH The Prince of Wales visited SWB Museum, Brecon
27th October 1944
The Dutch City of s'Hertogenbosch liberated by 2/MON, 4/WELCH and 5/WELCH.
28th October 1896
1/RWF arrived Aden from India
29th October 1805
1/23rd Foot on expedition to North Germany, until February 1806
31st October 1914
German breakout halted at Gheluvelt near Ypres by 1/SWB and 2/WELCH – both battalions, despite severe casualties, displayed 'indomitable courage and dogged tenacity'. A Regimental Anniversary
1st November 2001
1/RRW deployed to Pristina, Kosovo as Op Agricola VII
4th November 1918
Lieutenant Colonel Dudley Johnson SWB was awarded a Victoria Cross at Catillon while commanding 2nd Battalion Royal Sussex Regiment
5th November 1854
41st Foot heavily engaged at the battle of Inkerman during the Crimea campaign. Captain Hugh Rowlands saves the life of Colonel Haly of 47th Foot and is awarded a Victoria Cross
7th November 1914
2nd Monmouths disembarked at Le Havre, France as part 4th Division.
9th November 1952
1/WELCH embarked from Pusan for Hong Kong after completing their operational tour in Korea
10th November 1813
Anniversary of the battle of Nivelle during the peninsular campaign in Spain involving the 1/23rd and 2/24th Foot.
11th November 1918
End of the Great War. Books of Remembrance recall 9,971 names from the Royal Welch Fusiliers, 5,777 names from the South Wales Borderers and 7,779 names from Welch Regiment
12th November 1989
RRW Tercentenary Service at St Nicholas Church, Pluckley, Kent
13th November 1899
Presentation of new Colours to 2/WELSH at Ahmednugga
14th November 1872
2/24th Foot moved to Warley, Essex from Secunderabad. Arrived January 1873
15th November 1935
1/RWF arrived Inkerman Barracks, Woking from Tidworth
16th November 1973
HRH The Prince of Wales, as Colonel-in-Chief, attended RRW Officers’ Dining Club dinner at the Hyde Park Hotel
17th November 1857
23rd Foot advanced to relief of Lucknow
18th November 1857
Lieutenant Hackett and Boy Monger of 23rd awarded Victoria Crosses for their actions at Lucknow
19th November 1818
23rd Foot embarked for Ireland
20th November 1883
2/RWF moved to Ireland from Pembroke Dock
21st November 1873
2/23rd embarked at Cork for the Ashanti Expedition, West Africa
22nd November 1925
Memorial tablet unveiled in St Luke’s Church, Dinapore in memory of the 202 officers, NCOs, men and women and children of 1/24th who died between 1816-1818
23rd November 1917
40th Division attacked Bourlon Wood. The Bantam battalions 12/SWB, 17/WELCH and 18/WELCH fought with great credit
25th November 1878
1/24th Foot disembarked at Port Natal, Durban and reached Pietermaritzburg on 28 November in preparation for the campaign against Zulus
26th November 1899
1/WELCH disembarked in South Africa to take part in the Anglo-Boer War.
27th November 1873
1/RRW to Palace Barracks in Northern Ireland as ‘Belfast Reserve’ battalion as part of 39 Infantry Brigade
28th November 1834
The ‘Flash’ first sanctioned officially for 23rd Foot
29th November 1960
Last National Servicemen joined 1/RWF
30th November 1954
RWF Alliance with 4th Bn Royal Malay Regt approved
1st December 1982
RHQ RWF moved from Caernarfon to Wrexham
2nd December 1977
Her Majesty The Queen visited the 1/RWF at Tidworth
4th December 1915
10/SWB and 11/SWB disembarked at Le Havre as part of 38th (Welsh) Division
5th December 1958
1/WELCH moved to Wavell Barracks, Benghazi via Tobruk aboard HMT Empire Fowey from Alexander Barracks, Dhekelia, Cyprus
6th December 1808
1/23rd sailed from Nova Scotia for Barbados
7th December 1917
4/WELCH and 5/WELCH entered the Holy City of Jerusalem with General Allenby's force and were welcomed by enthusiastic inhabitants
8th December 1915
53rd (Welsh) Division evacuated from the Gallipoli peninsular.
9th December 1918
2nd Monmouths marched into Cologne, Germany
10th December 1934
2/WELCH moved to Landi Kotal, North West Frontier
11th December 1936
2/SWB embarked for Liverpool aboard SS California at Haifa
12th December 1962
1/RWF moved to Singapore for Brunei crisis
13th December 1918
2/SWB marched into Cologne, Germany
14th December 1922
2/WELCH move to Sobraon Barracks, Colchester
15th December 1880
HM Queen Victoria granted to the 24th Foot that a Silver Wreath be borne on the Queen's Colour pike for evermore.
16th December 2004
Future infantry structure announced: 1/RWF and 1/RRW to become 1st and 2nd Battalions of The Royal Welsh.
17th December 1959
1/RWF disembarked at Southampton from Cyprus. To Carter Barracks, Bulford
21st December 1901
HRH Prince of Wales (later King George V) appointed Colonel-in-Chief, The Royal Welch Fusiliers
22nd December 1899
2/SWB moved to Badajos Barracks, Aldershot from Dublin prior to embarking to South Africa
23rd December 1925
1/RWF arrived Nasirabad, Rajputana from Multan
24th December 1761
69th Foot embarked for Carlisle Bay, Barbados, West Indies
25th December 1787
41st Foot became an infantry regiment of the line
26th December 1810
69th Foot departed from Port Louis, Mauritius.
27th December 1691
23rd Foot landed in England from Ireland
29th December 1978
1/RRW to Armagh, Northern Ireland on 4-months tour
31st December 1957
2/RWF placed in suspended animation