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The History of the Royal Regiment of Wales:
The South Wales Borderers (1881-1969)

Post-war developments

The post-war years saw the Regiment dealing with illegal Jewish immigrants in Palestine and Cyprus, curbing the Shifta's activities in Eritrea and fighting communist terrorists in Malaya, after which Field Marshal Sir Gerald Templer wrote "...there has been no better regiment in Malaya during the ten years of the emergency and very few as good". Finally, the Regiment policed the Ma'alla district of Aden in 1967.

As a result of the 1967 Defence Review, drastic cuts were proposed in the armed forces; the Welsh Brigade was to be reduced by one battalion. Fortunately, an interchange of officers and senior ranks had occurred for many years between regiments in the Brigade, so the amalgamation of the South Wales Borderers with the Welch Regiment, although tinged with much sadness, enabled the newly formed Royal Regiment of Wales to capitalise immediately on the traditions and soldierly qualities of two fine Welsh regiments.

Today, The Royal Regiment of Wales (24th/41st Foot) is a highly professional infantry regiment of the British Army. 1st Battalion is the regular component and this is supported by two RRW badged companies of the Royal Welsh Regiment of the Territorial Army. Recruits predominantly come from South Wales.