Regimental Association of The Royal Welsh

For over one hundred years, comrades associations through their network of local branches in Wales, have provided a focal point for former members of the regiment to meet regularly, and co-ordinate support for former soldiers of the regiment who find themselves in difficult circumstances though illness and family hardship.

The contact details of your nearest Association Branch Secretary can be downloaded from

The Association Branches also provide the link with the serving soldiers giving comrades the opportunity of visiting the regular battalions even when serving overseas.

  • The South Wales Borderers Comrades Club which was formed on Rorke’s Drift Day (23rd/24th January) 1909 at Oudenarde Barracks, Aldershot.
  • The Comrades Association for the Welch Regiment was formed in January 1911.
  • The Royal Welch Fusiliers Comrades Association first met on 4th October 1912.

Today, the regimental benevolent fund thrives through the ‘day’s pay’ scheme (DPS) administered by Regimental Headquarters. On 10th June 2010 a unified regimental association known as – The Royal Welsh Regimental Association - was formed. A gradual integration of branches of the former regiments is taking place under the guidance of the Association’s Executive Committee.