Before you start

We are not always able to answer all questions asked of us. Although we do hold substantial archives, we have never received all material relating to the Regiment or to the soldiers who have served with the Regiment. Not all our information is available on-line through the Internet; the answer to your questions may inevitably involve a personal visit to us or other archives to undertake traditional manual research.

If you are seeking details of the service of an individual soldier, go to our soldier search which gives details of where to look. We hold no Army Records of Service for individual soldiers. Most official service papers are still held by the National Archives at Kew (prior 1920) or the Ministry of Defence Army Personnel Centre (after 1920). Once you have gathered some basic information on the soldier concerned, then we will be pleased to fill in some of the gaps for you.

We levy fees for research and for access to the archives on a not for profit basis and monies used to fund the conservation of and maintenance of the museum and its archives.

The initial charge for research is GBP 30.00 payable in advance, regardless of result. The fee is based on a minimum of one hour’s research. If we find there is more relevant information available and further research time is needed, you will be told in advance. Similarly extra charges may be involved to copy supporting documents and photographs. We will contact you about the cost of this additional work.

If you require an extract from any of our battalion war diaries to be sent to you, there is a charge of GBP 15.00 payable in advance, to cover photocopying and postage.

Please note that access to the Museum’s archive or collection is by appointment only. Please contact at least ten days in advance so that the necessary arrangement can be made on your behalf. We will always be pleased to help.

You can pay by using the credit card donation facility on this site, or by phoning us with your debit/credit card details, or by cheque/postal order to be made payable to The Regimental Museum of The Royal Welsh. Thank you.