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23rd, Royal Welch Fusiliers

ReferenceFact Sheet TitleAvailability
A04-0123rd - America 1773-81download sheet
A05-0123rd - Egypt 1801 & Coruna 1809download sheet
A05-0223rd - Albuera 1811download sheet
A05-0323rd - Waterloo 1815download sheet
A07-0123rd - Crimea 1854-55download sheet
A10-01RWF - Anglo - Boer war 1899-1902download sheet
A11-01RWF - Boxer Rebellion 1900download sheet
A12-01RWF - WW1 - 1st Battaliondownload sheet
A12-02RWF - WW1 - 2nd Battaliondownload sheet
A12-03RWF - WW1 - 4th Battalion TFdownload sheet
A12-04RWF - WW1 - 5th, 6th & 7th Battalions TFdownload sheet
A12-05RWF - WW1 - 8th Battaliondownload sheet
A12-06RWF - WW1 - 9th Battaliondownload sheet
A12-07RWF - WW1 - 10th Battaliondownload sheet
A12-08RWF - WW1 - 11th Battaliondownload sheet
A12-09RWF - WW1 - 12th Battaliondownload sheet
A12-10RWF - WW1 - 13th Battaliondownload sheet
A12-11RWF - WW1 - 14th Battaliondownload sheet
A12-12RWF - WW1 - 15th Battaliondownload sheet
A12-13RWF - WW1 - 16th Battaliondownload sheet
A12-14RWF - WW1 - 17th Battaliondownload sheet
A12-15RWF - WW1 - 19th Battalion (Bantam)download sheet
A12-16RWF - WW1 - 24th Battalion TFdownload sheet
A12-17RWF - WW1 - 25th Battalion TFdownload sheet
A12-18RWF - WW1 - Reserve Battalionsdownload sheet
A12-19RWF - WW1 - 26th and Garrison Battalionsdownload sheet
A12-20RWF - WW1 - Unit Summarydownload sheet
A14-01RWF - WW2 - 1st BattalionNot yet available
A14-02RWF - WW2 - 2nd BattalionNot yet available
A14-03RWF - WW2 - 4th Battalion TANot yet available
A14-04RWF - WW2 - 6th Battalion TANot yet available
A14-05RWF - WW2 - 7th Battalion TANot yet available
A14-06RWF - WW2 - 10th (later 6th PARA) BattalionNot yet available
S01-0123rd - 1st Battalion locations 1689-1881download sheet
S01-0223rd - 2nd Battalion locations 1756-1881download sheet
S01-03RWF - 1st Battalion locations 1881-2006download sheet
S01-04RWF - 2nd Battalion locations 1881-1957download sheet
S02-01RWF - Volunteer Battalions 1885-1908Not yet available

24th, 2nd Warwickshire, Regiment

ReferenceFact Sheet TitleAvailability
B04-0124th - Chillianwallah 1849download sheet
B05-0124th - Anglo-Zulu war 1879download sheet
B05-0224th - Anglo-Zulu war Colours 1879download sheet
B05-0324th - Rorke's Drift Roll 1879download sheet
S01-0524th - 1st Battalion locations 1689-1881download sheet
S01-0624th - 2nd Battalion locations 1756-1881download sheet
S04-0124th Foot and its Welsh linksdownload sheet

24th, South Wales Borderers

ReferenceFact Sheet TitleAvailability
B06-01SWB - Anglo - Boer war 1899-1902download sheet
B07-01SWB - WW1 - 1st Battaliondownload sheet
B07-02SWB - WW1 - 2nd Battaliondownload sheet
B07-03SWB - WW1 - 4th Battaliondownload sheet
B07-04SWB - WW1 - 5th Battaliondownload sheet
B07-05SWB - WW1 - 6th Battaliondownload sheet
B07-06SWB - WW1 - 7th & 8th Battalionsdownload sheet
B07-07SWB - WW1 - 10th & 11th Battalionsdownload sheet
B07-08SWB - WW1 - 12th Battalion (Bantam)download sheet
B07-09SWB - WW1 - 3rd, Trg, Grad & YS Battalionsdownload sheet
B07-10SWB - WW1 - Brecknockshire Battalion TFdownload sheet
B07-12SWB & MON R - WW1 - Unit Summarydownload sheet
B08-01SWB - Waziristan 1937download sheet
B09-01SWB - WW2 - 1st Battaliondownload sheet
B09-02SWB - WW2 - 2nd Battaliondownload sheet
B09-03SWB - WW2 - 5th (later 30th) Battaliondownload sheet
B09-04SWB - WW2 - 6th Battaliondownload sheet
B09-05SWB - WW2 - 7th (was 50th) Battaliondownload sheet
B09-06SWB - WW2 - Brecknockshire Battalion TAdownload sheet
B10-01SWB - WW2 - Malaya 1955-1958download sheet
S01-07SWB - 1st Battalion locations 1881-1969download sheet
S01-08SWB - 2nd Battalion locations 1881-1946download sheet
S02-02SWB - Volunteer Battalions 1860-1908download sheet
S04-02SWB - Cap badge 1897-1960download sheet

41st, The Welsh, Regiment

ReferenceFact Sheet TitleAvailability
C03-0141st - Detroit, Queenston, Miami, Niagara 1812-1813download sheet
C03-0241st - Crimea 1854-1855download sheet
S01-0941st - locations 1719-1881download sheet

69th, South Lincolnshire, Regiment

ReferenceFact Sheet TitleAvailability
D01-0169th - Naval Honours 1782 & 1797download sheet
D02-0169th - Quatre Bras & Waterloo 1815download sheet
S01-1069th - locations 1756-1881download sheet

41st/69th, Welch Regiment

ReferenceFact Sheet TitleAvailability
E02-01Welsh R - Anglo-Boer war 1899-1902download sheet
E03-01Welsh R - WW1 - 1st Battaliondownload sheet
E03-02Welsh R - WW1 - 2nd Battaliondownload sheet
E03-03Welsh R - WW1 - 4th & 5th Battalions TFdownload sheet
E03-04Welsh R - WW1 - 6th Battalion TFdownload sheet
E03-05Welsh R - WW1 - 7th Battalion TFdownload sheet
E03-06Welsh R - WW1 - 8th Battaliondownload sheet
E03-07Welsh R - WW1 - 9th Battaliondownload sheet
E03-08Welsh R - WW1 - 10th Battaliondownload sheet
E03-09Welsh R - WW1 - 11th Battaliondownload sheet
E03-10Welsh R - WW1 - 13th Battaliondownload sheet
E03-11Welsh R - WW1 - 14th Battaliondownload sheet
E03-12Welsh R - WW1 - 15th Battaliondownload sheet
E03-13Welsh R - WW1 - 16th Battaliondownload sheet
E03-14Welsh R - WW1 - 17th Battalion (Bantam)download sheet
E03-15Welsh R - WW1 - 18th & 25th Battalions (Bantam)download sheet
E03-16Welsh R - WW1 - 19th Battaliondownload sheet
E03-17Welsh R - WW1 - 23rd Battaliondownload sheet
E03-18Welsh R - WW1 - 24th Battalion TFdownload sheet
E03-19Welsh R - WW1 - 3rd, Trg, Grad & YS Battalionsdownload sheet
E03-20Welsh R - WW1 - Unit Summarydownload sheet
E05-01Welch R - WW2 - 1st Battaliondownload sheet
E05-02Welch R - WW2 - 2nd Battaliondownload sheet
E05-03Welch R - WW2 - 4th Battalion TAdownload sheet
E05-04Welch R - WW2 - 1/5th Battalion TAdownload sheet
E05-05Welch R - WW2 - 2/5th Battalion TAdownload sheet
E05-06Welch R - WW2 - 15th Battalion TAdownload sheet
E06-01Welch R - Korea 1951-1952download sheet
S01-11Welch R - 1st Battalion locations 1881-1969download sheet
S01-12Welch R - 2nd Battalion locations 1881-1948download sheet
S02-03Welsh R - Volunteer Battalions 1885-1908download sheet

Monmouthshire Regiment

ReferenceFact Sheet TitleAvailability
B07-11MON R - WW1 - All Battalions TFdownload sheet
B09-07MON R - WW2 - 2nd Battalion TAdownload sheet
B09-08MON R - WW2 - 3rd Battalion TAdownload sheet
B09-09MON R - WW2 - 4th Battalion TAdownload sheet

The Royal Regiment of Wales (24th/41st Foot)

ReferenceFact Sheet TitleAvailability
S01-13RRW - locations 1969-2006download sheet

The Royal Welsh

ReferenceFact Sheet TitleAvailability
S03-01R WELSH - lineagedownload sheet
S03-02R WELSH - Cap badge 2009download sheet

More Interesting Facts

ReferenceFact Sheet TitleAvailability
S05-01Brecon - as a garrison towndownload sheet
S05-02Brecon - the history of the barracksdownload sheet
S05-03Regimental March - The Men of Harlech wordsdownload sheet
S05-04Welch or Welsh - What is in a name?download sheet
S06-01King-s Corporal appointmentdownload sheet
S06-02Pip, Squeak and Wilfred medalsdownload sheet
S07-01Guide to Family History Researchdownload sheet
S07-02Applying for service records 1920 onwardsdownload sheet