Soldier Search

Before contacting us, it is worth seeing what you can find for yourself using other sources…

For soldiers who served prior to 1920

The National Archives (TNA) are open to the public and houses substantial original records of officers and soldiers who served in the British Army from 1770 to 1920.

For soldiers who served after 1920

The Army Personnel Centre in Glasgow handles enquiries about soldiers who were discharged from the Army after 1920. A fee of £30 is charged for each search, even if no material is discovered. A Search Document and Next of Kin form has to be completed prior to the search and returned to Glasgow by normal post. You can download the Search Document and NOK forms from the following website

The Search Document contains the postal address of the Army Personnel Centre. No fee is charged if the subject of your research is alive, you need his/her permission before submitting the request.