A Long Long War:Voices from the British Army in Northern Ireland 1969-1998

By Ken Wharton

This is the story of the Troubles in Northern Ireland told from the perspective of the British soldiers who served there between 1969 and 1998. This was a war against terrorists who knew no mercy or compassion; a war involving sectarian hatred and violent death. Over a thousand British lives were lost in a place just thirty minutes' flying time away from the mainland.

The British Army was sent into Northern Ireland on 14 August 1969 by the Wilson government as law and order had broken down and the population - mainly Catholics - and property were at grave risk. Between then and 1998 some 300,000 British troops served in Northern Ireland. This is their story in their own words from first to last.

Receiving a remarkable amount of cooperation from Northern Ireland veterans eager to tell their story, the author has compiled a vivid and unforgettable record. Their experiences - sad and poignant, fearful and violent, courageous in the face of adversity, even downright hilarious - make for compelling reading. Their voices need to be heard. Contains contributions from Ken Draycott RRW; Roy Davies RRW; Alan Harrhy RRW; Arfon Williams 71 RRW; Haydn Davies 08 RRW; Ken Donovan RRW; Marcus Lapsa RRW; Barry Hughes RWF; Mike Edwards 81 RRW and Paul Hughes RWF.

Ken Wharton was born and bred in Yorkshire. He served five years in an infantry unit and saw the good and the bad sides of Army life. This is the first of several oral histories he is writing about the 'troubles' in Northern Ireland. He is interested in telling the story of the troubles from the perspective of others rather than seeking to make a personal statement about his own experiences and, for that reason he seeks not to detract from the validity nor dilute the value of their stories by contributing his own. Hardback 526 pages, 171 back & white illustrations. Author signed copies available.

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