The Wedding Feast War: The Final Tragedy of the Xhosa People

By Keith I Smith

This book serves as a 'prequel' to the Anglo-Zulu War, which followed in 1879, some units and their officers fighting in both wars. Prominent among them was the 1st Battalion of the 24th (2nd Warwickshire) Regiment under its commanding officer Colonel Richard Thomas Glyn. His officers' names may also be familiar, among them Major Henry Burmester Pulleine, Captain Russell Upcher, Lieutenant Teignmouth Melvill and Lieutenant Nevill Coghill. Here we see these officers, many of whom would later fall at Isandlwana, in a new light.

The 90th Regiment also arrived in South Africa during this time, bringing with it yet another Zulu War luminary, Brevet Colonel Evelyn Wood VC. Here too was to be found Brevet Major Redvers Buller, 60th Regiment (The King's Royal Rifle Corps) soon to become the formidable warrior leading his beloved Frontier Light Horse.

Among those who served during the war as leaders of the colonial African forces were such Zulu War figures as Rupert Lonsdale, who would later command the 3rd Regiment of the Natal Native Contingent (NNC) at Isandlwana, William Nettleton, future commandant of a Battalion of the NNC and Friedrich Schermbrucker, later to serve with Wood in Natal. Hardback - 359 pages, with genealogical tables, seven maps and sixteen colour photographs. Orders taken now, available from 1st April 2010.

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