The Appeal

Museum Appeal

To protect our proud past for future generations
The Aim of the Appeal is to raise £1 million over the next five year period by direct appeal and though large and small fund raising events.

Our Vision for the museum is to re-house and modernise the collections and archives are displayed, in new climate controlled display cases, in order to protect the integrity of many of the unique and priceless artefacts. It is also to secure the future of the Regimental Museum in Brecon during this period of financial for the Armed Forces.

The Strategic Goal is to raise enough funds to enable our vision to fulfilled, and increase visitor numbers by raising the profile of the Museum.

Brecon has a long-held relationship with the military, the having been based in the town since 1873. The Museum is part of the personality of Brecon, with 24 lime trees down the Watton representing the 24th Regiment, later the South Wales Borderers. Added to this is the Regimental Havard Chapel in the Cathedral. We now need to make certain of the Museum’s future in Brecon by launching this appeal.

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