Donating Items

The Museum is the Regimental Home of all former regiments of The Royal Welsh (for regiments - see Timeline page). Should you find any artefact; archive material, be they personal accounts or photographs, which you feel would be better placed alongside those of fellow soldiers from the same Regiments, then please consider donating the items to the Museum. If the artefact or archive material particularly relates to 23rd Foot, Royal Welch Fusiliers, we can pass the item(s) on to our colleagues in North Wales who still maintain their own museum in Caernarfon Castle and hold a separate archive at Kings Mill in Wrexham.

As an Accredited Museum we will provide you with the proper documentation showing you that we have accessioned the items. This will allow any future family member to readily see the items, if they notify the museum of their pending arrival, as we can use the paperwork to readily identify which of the many items we have in the collection are pertinent to that particular visit.

By donating those items of Regimental connection you will also be providing information which may be beneficial to other families who had a relative that served in a similar time frame.

Donating to a Museum which has close regimental and family connections can sometimes solve the dilemma as to where a specific item should go. We, for our part, we feel we are creating a big jigsaw puzzle, your item could be a vital piece to complete a fascinating human story from which others learn about the courage and sacrifices from the past.

If you have items you wish to donate to the collection, please complete the Contact us form.