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22nd July 1812

Anniversary of the battle of Salamanca during the peninsular campaign in Spain involving the 1/23rd Foot and 2/24th Foot

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The Wedding Feast War: The Final Tragedy of the Xhosa People

By Keith I Smith

This book serves as a 'prequel' to the Anglo-Zulu War, which followed in 1879, some units and their officers fighting in both wars. Prominent among them was the 1st Battalion of the 24th (2nd Warwickshire) Regiment under its commanding officer Col....

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Zulu 19 - Celebration of Zulu & Welsh Culture

Welcome to the Website for
The Regimental Museum of The Royal Welsh

The Royal Welsh is Wales's infantry regiment. It has inherited a distinguished military tradition from its predecessors: The Royal Welch Fusiliers (23rd Foot) and The Royal Regiment of Wales (formerly the 24th, 41st and 69th Foot - and later the South Wales Borderers, Welch Regiment and Monmouthshire Regiment). Although, in some respects, the story only began on 1st March 2006 when The Royal Welsh was formed, its history reaches back to the year 1689 when the 23rd and 24th Regiments of Foot were first raised.

In over 320 years of service, the Regiment has gained 244 Battle Honours and 43 of its soldiers have received The Victoria Cross. It has been involved in many significant events in British military history.

The Regiment today has strong links with Wales and its people, which gives it a distinct flair and esprit de corps. This website can only give an introduction to The Royal Welsh's rich history and its soldiers. The Regimental Museum in Brecon tells this story in greater detail. Opened in 1935 it is recognised as one of finest regimental museums in Britain. Come and see us.

Gwell Angau na Chywilydd - Better Death than Dishonour